A diving teacher, like the title suggests is a person who provides diving instructions in such activities as scuba diving. If you love water and have already been scuba licensed, then you'll be able to become a diving instructor. This vocation permits you to become profitable performing an exercise you completely enjoy. One factor it's good to understand is that you'll not make some huge cash in the initial stages. Nonetheless, as you acquire extra experience, you can rest assured that the earnings will improve and you'll make enough to get you through the month and save. The following is information on how one can become a diving instructor.



















The first step on how to become a diving teacher is searching for a program that gives PADI teacher development. The programs are provided in most if not all states. Nonetheless, for convenience you must get one near where you live. Certain things are required from individuals wishing to enroll in these programs. These include proof that your more than 18 years in age, you have been holding scuba certification for six months as well as proof that you've training in first aid and CPR. You might be required to come with scuba diving gear, the related course materials and manuals plus a medical report.

One essential bit of knowledge on how to become a diving teacher that that you must know is that you're required to take part in the theoretical as well as practical components of the program. There are no less than 14 syllabus presentations. To qualify as diving teacher you ought to finish two presentations in confined water, knowledge development and teaching in open water. In addition, you are also required to show your competence in 20 specified dive skills and full non-stop swimming activity utilizing snorkels, fins and mask for about 800 meters. The programs run from between 6 and 12 months.

Once you have completed the training, you can then sit for the exam. You can only sit for the examination when you have completed a hundred successful dives and passed a diving principle assessment that comes in 5 parts. You will need to score seventy five% in each of the 5 parts to move forward. What this implies is that you shouldn't slack. One essential tip on becoming a diving teacher is that you will need to attend all lessons and put what you study into practice. To be able to pass your examinations and become a licensed dividing teacher, you will need to prepare your self completely by studying all the supplied course materials.

It is vital that you just keep in mind that there are different businesses that may enroll in to become a diving instructor. These businesses have the own necessities for would-be diving instructors. It is due to this fact important that before you register with them, you determine which one you are keen on teaching through, say PADI. Keep in mind that while a career as a diving teacher is exciting it is also challenging. Read these directions on how to become a diving teacher before you make your decision.

Sombrero Island

On the surface, this island resembles a hat underwater, so its profile makes the name Sombrero quite appropriate. The rim of the "hat" stretches a long way underwater from north to south. Gorgonians, black coral shells, turtles, rays, grunts, jacks, snappers, and a great variety of soft corals are abundant. Currents are normally strong during the full moon. Diving is fairly shallow on the rim down to about 50 feet in certain area.







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