The resort is located in one of the Philippines’ most reknowned jump off sites for diving. Blessed with abundant underwater marine life, plenty of corals and an amazing diversity of fishes, your 3 to 4 hours travel time from Manila will truly be worth it. It is a favorite destination for weekend trips. The dive sites around the area are good for both amateur and well-experienced divers.

Once you get to the resort, one can just arrange with one of the staff your desired schedule for the day. From the resort, you can rent a boat for island hopping or arrange for a dive tour and visit the superb diving spots, coves, and islands like the Sombrero and Maricaban islands.























BANANA BOAT RIDE. Experienced first-hand, thrill and exciting speed-boat pulled banana shape boat in Anilao Batangas

SCUBA DIVING. Be in another world as they experienced it, creatures you never seen and touched before...
JETSKI. Mtorbike right in your hand, sea-motorbike.




Once you pack your gear, it is easy to get to the resort. You can take your own vehicle or take the public transportation bus.

Via own vehicle

From Manila, take the South Luzon Tollway from Nichols or C-5 entry all the way to the south end. At the end of the tollway, take the exit that points to Lucena and drive along this main road until you reach the Calamba boundary. About 1.5km from the boundary of Calamba, turn right and take the Star Tollway (Batangas Expressway) up to the Batangas/Lipa exit. Upon exit, head westward towards Batangas City.

1.2km from the tollway exit is the Fernando Airbase and about 2.5km from the airbase, there will be a junction the leads to Cuenca. Head for Cuenca then Alitagtag then head towards (but not all the way to) Sta. Teresita. About 1.5km from Alitagtag Municipio you will see the welcome arch of Sta. Teresita. Do not enter Sta Teresita, but instead, turn left, follow the (shortcut) road toward San Luis. This 1km shortcut road will hit the national highway. When you reach the national highway, turn left southward to Bauan.

Right before the bridge before Bauan town proper, turn right at the junction that leads to Mabini, follow the road for about 8.5km until you see a triangular Y junction. Turn to the right (northeast) towards Anilao. This 1.5km winding road will end at a busy marketplace cum jeepney terminal. This is Anilao proper. 200 or so meters before reaching this marketplace, there is a road to the left that goes to barangay Solo, Bagalangit and San Teodoro. Take this road and from here and up to Bagalangit (8km), you will see all the resorts.

Via public transport


    1. Board any Batangas City bound bus at Taft Ave., Buendia terminal. (Roughly 2.5-3 hours travel)

    2. Ask the conductor to drop you off where the Bauan/Mabini jeep terminal is.

    3. Board the Mabini jeep and tell driver to drop you off Mabini, this trip will end at the docking area. (Some jeeps do not reach up to Mabini if they have no passengers anymore.)

    4. Take the jeep at this area in order to go to the resorts in Mabini, etc. (Last trip is at 5pm, better make it 4pm when planning.)



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